Victoria Square Project: Sound meetings

9–10 pm
Elpidos 13, Victoria Square, Elpidos 13, Athens

How can a square or street be characterized as public? What social interactions, encounters, and appropriations influence them? What does a public space sound like?

“In 2015, I went to Victoria Square almost daily to talk with women for a while and record them with their consent. With some of them our meetings became personal, while others repulsed me. Our encounters resulted in unexpected encounters with others and each one evolved differently depending on the circumstances. I met with Nathalia, Caterina, Emma, Anna, Yagana, Pari, Angeliki, Voula, Fatima, Agne, Tonya, Fatima, Emese, and others unknown. Some of them are here now listening to their voices, as they are tuned/coordinated with the other live or reproduced voices, changing for a while the defined roles and relations at the square.” Angeliki, 20/6/2015.

In sound meetings you are invited to imagine public space by its echoes, coming from your future, past or present. On Elpidos Street, four speakers hanging from trees will be available to share temporarily as you ask for sounds for your choice that characterize that space for you. You can use bluetooth, USB, AUX, Micro SD/TF, and the sounds can be your old or live recordings, phone calls, music, sounds from the Internet, news radio programs. At the same time you will hear the voices of women that had been broadcast for one day at Victoria Square, as well as vibrant new encounters on and appropriations of the square.

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