Victoria Square Project: Together along with Stories
Narratives in Relation to Victoria Square

8–9 pm
Elpidos 13, Victoria Square, Elpidos 13, Athens

photo: Kosmas Sidiropoulos

Kosmas Sidiropoulos, coming from a family of Pontos (Black Sea) refugees, returns to the neighborhood he grew up in after 50 years to encounter, inspire, and exchange life stories. He remembered his grandmother’s narratives, the spark and the longing in them, her need to tell those stories instead of fairytales. Impressed by the concept of the Victoria Square Project on his very first visit, he asked if he could create word plots, get involved with people, tell stories, and listen to new ones in a colorful, polyphonic, loud, creative, vibrant group of people. This group of new refugees and immigrants found a shelter in this neighborhood, since the history of mankind is an endless movement. He may even find his old classmates from the 32th elementary school; A., with whom he fell in love; G. & G., the leaders of rival children’s gangs; P., who learned piano; O. with the foreign surname…

Our narratives are the most precious part of our being; we carry them with us all the time and everywhere. They gives us comfort in difficult times, and are a delight in joyous ones.

Come with a soul that speaks out, to weave together an evening of stories together.

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