Studio 14: Walking tour in the refugee neighborhoods of Piraeus

11 am
Starting point: The old railway station of Agios Dionisis (opposite Gate E3 at the port), Piraeus

Makeshift refugee settlement in Piraeus, autumn 1922, source: P. Poulidis Archive/ERT

During the walking tour you will have the opportunity to walk round the refugee settlement of Drapetsona and discuss the urban development of Piraeus starting right after the refugees settled in the area. More specifically, the development of the first makeshift huts to the implementation of the state urban restoration plan.

Starting point: The old railway station of Agios Dionisis, Piraeus (opposite Gate E3 at the port)

1st stop: the archeological monument of Ietionian Gate (part of the Long Walls of Piraeus)

2nd stop: Varnali Square; in the center of the refugee settlement of Drapetsona

3rd stop: the pedestrian road of Kazantzaki

4th stop: the abandoned fertilizer factory of Drapetsona

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