Victoria Square Project: New semantic for wild greens
with Anne-Laure Franchette

Nature print zine workshop
4–6 pm
Elpidos 13, Victoria Square, Elpidos 13, Athens

Let’s walk around Victoria Square and collect wild plants and bring them back to the project space.

We will then look at botanical illustrations and use the technique of nature printing to make an A5 zine (small hand made publication). In the process of doing so, we will invent new names for those wild greens, which can be more than “mauvaises herbes” (bad seeds in french).

Join us for an afternoon of looking at the overlooked.

Anne-Laure Franchette is a French artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. Her production explores cultural perception, categorisations, cycles of production and misappropriation. Her current research looks at the systems of meaning that have been impressed upon nature, flora, and seeds throughout eras of imperialism, colonialism, and globalization. More specifically, common perceptions and representations of nature being “neutral”, “passive” and “decorative”.

Please contact us at +30 695 777 5081, christaki [​at​] with any questions or if you are interested to participate.

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