A-Letheia: Same Page Different Corner
with Anton Kats

8–10 pm
Kiosk in Psyrri, Athens

A-Letheia project sketch by Anton Kats

A lot can happen on one page, one paragraph and within of one sentence.

Turning the inactive kiosk into an open microphone platform, the kiosk invites local workers, residents and passers by to read from a book. Pointing towards a series of poetic coordinates and providing an ambiguous sense of interests of a particular neighbourhood the event emerges through individual and often unexpected choices of literature coexisting at the Iroon square in Psyrri in a particular moment.

Kiosk: Iroon Square, Ag. Anargiron and Karaiskaki, Psyrri

The event is part of the gradual unfolding of the A-Letheia project as conceived by artist Anton Kats, taking place over the 100 days of documenta 14 in Athens. The project involves collaborative events with local groups, neighbors, and members of the community surrounding the kiosks.

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