The Cooperativist Society: Cooperate, Exchange, Cooperate. How to Transform Money to Change our Daily Lives

An event for discovering, experimenting, and practicing around the design of social currencies.

5-7 pm Trading Floor Game with members of the Athens integral cooperative

The Trading Floor Game, created by Valeureux collective (Sybille Saint Girons and Matthew Slater), is a simple group game simulating an elementary “market.” Players have the opportunity to test the effect of different currencies. Not only the effect on the operation and efficiency of this “market,” which could perhaps be done more accurately through a modeling program on the computer, but above all on themselves, to learn how they feel and how they relate to other traders. This “first-hand” catalytic information, which cannot be found in any book of monetary theory, makes the game a valuable self-training tool.

7–8 pm Presentation of GoPacifia. Building mutual credit networks in Argentina. With one of the founders, Numa Belisario.

GoPacifia is a young collective in the process of building time-based mutual credit networks in Argentina. GoPacifia’s objective is to spawn a new generation of functional, scalable, and transformative exchange systems that make capitalism and the state obsolete.

At this event, GoPacifia will offer a workshop rather than a talk, although it will mix theory and practice around the concept of mutual credit: a simple tool to empower a cooperativist society. In order to understand the power of mutual credit, we will think together about the impact and role played by each aspect of an economic system: the credit system, retribution system, labor system, price system, and ownership system.

We will cooperatively design an exchange system that matches our chosen objectives and values in just a few minutes. We will also consider the challenges and opportunities for putting it into practice.

8–9 pm discussion of ways to extend integral cooperation in Greece and internationally.

9 pm Communitary Dinner

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The Cooperativist Society

The world needs cooperation. The crisis of the last ten years has been a crisis of trust: debts, loans, and derivatives are means by which capital produces political control in neoliberalism. It has been…

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