Keimena: #24 Ának Araw
by Gym Lumbera

11:59 pm
ERT2, Athens

Gym Lumbera, Ának Araw, 2013, Philippines/USA, film still

Ának Araw, 2013, Philippines/USA, 70 min.
Director: Gym Lumbera

Gym Lumbera’s astonishing, genre-defying Ának Araw follows a Filipino albino who, believing he is of American descent, teaches himself English using a dictionary. Set in the 1950s, the film integrates original celluloid footage with archive material to create a unique, dreamlike atmosphere in which the filmmaker explores the nature of identity in a postcolonial situation.

Keimena, a documenta 14 Film Program on ERT2, airs Mondays at midnight from December 19, 2016 to September 18, 2017. Each film can be viewed during the broadcast and streamed on demand for seven days thereafter. Please note that the films are presented in their original language with Greek subtitles, and can be streamed from within Greece only.

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Keimena #24: Ának Araw

by Gym Lumbera

Gym Lumbera’s Ának Araw begins with words on the screen: a procession of basic English nouns accompanied by pictographic representations. These are followed by their live-action representations, subtitled in Tagalog. Words, but no dialogue…

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