Listening Space: Concert
by Keith Fullerton Whitman

9:30 pm
Romantso, Anaxagora 3–5, Athens

The “Generators” (2010-) are a loose framework of related topologies created to yield a flowing tapestry of minimalism-inspired music, realized on and with a hybrid digital-analogue modular synthesizer. Largely removing the humanistic, iterative aspects of individual note-choice and musical inflection from the compositional structure in favor of a real-time shaping of tonality, rhythm, and form, the “Generators” are ‘conducted’ moreso than ‘performed’. The extended set of “Romantso Generators” will involve the four-channel spatialization of a eight-voice canon, with also the overall formal arcs ‘programmed’ into the fabric of the patch. The audience should feel free to fully interact with the piece as if it were a physical, sculptural entity, and within the space around it; fixed positioning is less than ideal.

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