Boats of History
with Giorgos Maniatis, Servanne Jollivet, Pavlos Hatzopoulos, Anna Papaeti, and Nelli Kampouri

1–3:30 pm
Pireus Port (Gate E2), Piraeus
Live stream available

The session of talks and debates surrounding the political history of the Mediterranean takes place on a boat sailing along the coast of Athens and the Piraeus Port. There is no better place than a boat for understanding the paradoxical condition of contemporary global capitalism.

Arrival at gate E2 at 12.30 pm, departure at 1 pm.

Please register by Friday, April 7, at 12 pm at the following address: michou [​at​]

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Piraeus Port as Entry Point of Global Capitalism

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Introduction to the Society of the Indigenous

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#18 Soundscapes of Detention: Music and Torture under the Junta (1967–74)

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Although torture under the Greek military junta (1967–74) has been subject to scrutiny, with important trials in Strasbourg (1968–69) and Greece (the so-called “Torturers’ Trials,” 1975), the…