34 Exercises of Freedom: #26 The Waltz of the Dirty Streets
by Adespotes Skyles

Adespotes Stiles, The Waltz of the Dirty Streets, concert, 2016, photo: Stathis Mamalakis

This performance is inspired by all those people who at some point, in some place, in some way reacted to what was putting them down by posing thousands of questions. By all those who, if only for a brief moment, questioned the status quo or doubted their deepest convictions—all those who experienced even for one moment a personal encounter with life and the world that fell outside of a preconceived view.

Adespotes Skyles is a performing arts co-op established in 2008, whose configuration is constantly in flux. The Waltz of the Dirty Streets is a performative format used as a vehicle of critique of socio-political reality. Admission to Adespotes Skyles shows is by voluntary contribution; the company supports free access to art and all self-organized initiatives.

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