The Parliament of Bodies: Auschwitz on the beach
by Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Fabio Stefano Berardi, and Dim Sampaio

Performance | Live stream available on August 24
8–9 pm
Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18, Kassel

“The archipelago of infamy is spreading all over the Mediterranean Sea.

Europeans are building concentration camps on their own territory, and are paying their Gauleiter of Turkey, Libya, and Egypt to do the dirty work on the coast of the Mediterranean where saltwater has replaced Zyklon B.

The non-governmental organizations, guilty of rescuing people from the sea, will be contained, downsized, criminalized, and repressed.

Externalization of the European borders means extermination.

Extermination is the word accurately defining the sentiment and behavior of the majority of the European people and the political action of the European governments.

We have known that the great migration is on the move since February 1991, when a ship loaded with 26,000 Albanians entered the port of Brindisi.

Rather than facing our historical responsibility, we reject people who are trying to escape misery and wars and unchain themselves from our colonization. We made crossing the sea from North Africa to the southern European coasts perilous. By making migration illegal we have put migrants who asked for our help in the hands of criminal traffickers.

We are drowning countless children, women, and men on a daily basis.”

—Franco Bifo Berardi

Auschwitz on the Beach is a performance based on a poem by Franco Bifo Berardi.
Soundtrack by Fabio Stefano Berardi.
Visual installation by Dim Sampaio.

The performance takes place in English on August 24 and 26, and in Italian on August 25. Live stream available on August 24.

​Dim Sampaio is a painter and visual artist. Born in a small village in Piaui, a northern region of Brazil, he is now living in Bologna. After some solo exhibitions in Italian cities, in 2003 he was invited to take part in the Cairo Biennale of contemporary art. Recently his works have been exhibited in Paris’s Petit Palais, at the Pinacoteca of Gaeta, and in Città di Castello.

​Franco Berardi is a writer and media activist. His last book, Futurability, was published by Verso. In the ‘1970s he was one of the participants in Radio Alice and contributed to the magazine A/traverso.

​Fabio Berardi is a composer, actor, and singer. In recent years he has devoted his artwork to music therapy for young people with physical and mental disabilities.

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