Listening Space: All the in-between spaces
with Pina Bounce, Panos Charalambous, Mette Henriette, and Katalin Ladik

8:30 pm
Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Vassilissis Sofias and Kokkali, Athens

8:30 pm Mette Henriette: In between
9:00 pm Katalin Ladik: Follow me into mythology
9:15 pm Pina Bounce: Trumpethood
10:00 pm Panos Charalambous: Voice-O-Graph

“All the in-between spaces” is a set of sonic performances in dialogue with the architecture and interiors of Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. During the course of one evening in May, four performances occupy the foyers and intermediate spaces of the vast building complex, ascribing a parallel set of sonic values next to those established by the actual concert halls. In this way the role of architectonic structure and space within the perception of a musical experience is emphasized, and questions are raised about the “ideal” musical environment and the customs and hierarchies that constitute it.

“All the in-between spaces” is part of Listening Space, a documenta 14 project curated by documenta 14 Sound and Music Advisor Paolo Thorsen-Nagel. A coproduction of documenta 14 and The Athens Concert Hall Organization.

Mette Henriette — In Between
Saxophonist Mette Henriette performs a sounding choreography that passes through the space of the Lambrakis foyer’s first floor, evoking various in-between states through the use of light, movement, and sound.

Katalin Ladik — Follow me into mythology
Based on central female figures of Greek mythology, Katalin Ladik’s performance features choreography and vocal improvisation as she ascends an oval staircase while following a visual score.

Pina Bounce — Trumpethood
is a narrative sound performance for trumpet and amplifier. Through the work, the contingencies of sound and space and their interaction are navigated along the oval staircase of Megaron’s new building.

Panos Charalambous — Voice-O-Graph
is a vinyl discovery, preservation, and re-use, as well as the physical manipulation of those found discs. Performed by Panos Charalambous with censored and disintegrated vinyl records, he alters them via various objects. To be held on the staircase between Skalkottas Hall and the new Megaron foyer.

Mette Henriette is a performing artist and composer from the north of Norway. She works with a range of artistic expressions and has collaborated with Marina Abramovic, Anton Corbijn, Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), and CocoRosie. She played the opening concert of the Berlin Jazz Festival in 2016 and also performed numerous solos at The Royal Palace, Oslo, as well as the Sámi Parliament in Karasjok, Norway. In November 2015 her double debut album was released on the German record label ECM Records. Mette Henriette is currently working on a contribution to a new theater production directed by Robert Wilson.

Katalin Ladik is a Hungarian poet, performance artist, and actress. She explores language through visual and vocal expressions, as well as movement and gestures. Her work also includes collage, photography, records, performances, and happenings in both urban and natural environments. She has published numerous volumes of poetry, including Ballada az ezüstbicikliről (Ballad of Silver Bike, 1969) and Kiűzetés (Exile, 1988).

Pina Bounce is the solo project of Greek architect and musician Thalia Ioannidou. P.B. was born through Trumpetancy, an album for trumpet and amplifier that was commissioned by Orila records and Noise-below. The project serves as a vehicle for investigating the creation of space and narrative through sound. Other projects include Drog_a_tek, Minimaximum Improvision, the Erasers, Lost Bodies, Horror Vacui, and various music for film and theater as well as sound installations.

Panos Charalambous is a Greek artist. He explores the cyclical nature of time by manipulating historical sounds, voices, and diachronic ideas in an investigation of how physical and conceptual traces manifest in the present as fluctuating containers of meaning. Selected exhibitions include Glasgow – Political Capital of Europe (1990), in Glasgow, UK, and Whitehouse Biennial (2016), in Varna, Bulgaria. Charalambous is currently the Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

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