Listening Space: All the in-between spaces
with Pina Bounce, Panos Charalambous, Mette Henriette, and Katalin Ladik

8:30 pm
Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Vassilissis Sofias and Kokkali, Athens

8:30 pm Mette Henriette
9:00 pm Katalin Ladik
9:45 pm Pina Bounce
10:45 pm Panos Charalamboous

“All the in-between spaces” is the title of a series of concerts and activities in dialogue with the interior architecture of the Athens Concert Hall. The concerts take place in the Megaron’s foyers and intermediate spaces to highlight the sonority of the entire building complex beyond its familiar concert halls. The project emphasizes the importance and role of architecture in the perception and experience of musical performance, taking into consideration the concept of the ideal musical environment, together with the traditions, rules, and hierarchies that it entails.

A coproduction of documenta 14 and The Athens Concert Hall Organization

Free entrance

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Panos Charalambous

“Where do voices go when we no longer hear them?” For more than a century they would go on gramophone records, 45 rpm singles, and 12-inch vinyl LPs, but also on some very special, handmade 78 rpm…


Katalin Ladik

Katalin Ladik’s art is founded on movement. Everything is set in motion, in constant flux and transformation; there is no imitation, representation, narrative. Even the direction of movement is not defined…