Epicycle and Project 21
by Jani Christou

8:30 pm
Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Vassilissis Sofias and Kokkali, Athens

Jani Christou: Epicycle, for any participant (adaptation by Rupert Huber)
Jani Christou/Rupert Huber: Project 21, for 5 performers and electronic music

The late works of Jani Christou are indebted to tendencies in conceptual art. His archive reveals a multiplicity of ideas for compositions that he did not have time to develop due to his untimely death. In the case of Project 21, Rupert Huber assumed this task and also adapted the Greek composer’s work Epicycle.

Orchestra: Ensemble Spinario
Conductor: Rupert Huber
Participants: Cornelia Bitzner, Alexander Hermann, Doris Huber, Donald Manuel, Tobias Schlierf
Concept and Direction: Rupert Huber

A coproduction of documenta 14 and The Athens Concert Hall Organization


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Jani Christou

“Metapraxis is concerned with breaking through the barrier of meaning of a single medium, whatever that medium may be. Whenever that happens, that is music. That can be in any medium, providing metapraxis…


Epicycle, 1968–2017

by Jani Christou

Adaptation for realization by Rupert Huber

The work may last any given period of time: days, weeks, months, or years. This stretch of time is the time measurement for the extent of duration 1 and corresponds…