Christopher D’Arcangelo

In 1975, Christopher D’Arcangelo (1955–1979) undertook a series of unauthorized actions in New York’s major museums. The anarchist statement that accompanied them as well as all of D’Arcangelo’s subsequent interventions until his untimely death breached a long-standing taboo of anarchism as a legitimate political belief and doctrine, reiterated in anarchism’s popular re-emergence with the advent of punk. D’Arcangelo was not, however, an outsider in regard to contemporary art. Although he had not previously exhibited his work, he was, at the time, an assistant to the artists Stephen Antonakos and Daniel Buren, as well as at the recently opened John Weber Gallery, representing a roster of post-minimal and conceptual artists from both North America and Europe. D’Arcangelo’s work, which he diligently documented, is thus testimony to both his unique status as an artist, and the intense dialogue and debate within the art world in view of its increasing institutionalization in the mid- to late 1970s.

—Dean Inkster

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