Horos Meteoros, Dramatic Passage with Euripides and Aeschylus
von Jakob Ullmann

21 Uhr
Megaron, Die Athener Konzerthalle, Vassilissis Sofias und Kokkali, Athen
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A mini-opera created to commemorate the centennial of the Gare du Nord railway station on the Swiss-German border. The project, which developed around the station’s history, brings to light its dark past during the Nazi regime and address the larger issues of persecution and borders. For his composition, Ullmann chose to explore the concept of borders, inspired by Euripides and Aeschylus, in particular Aeschylus’s The Suppliants. The concept of borders is manifested in the experience of the concert.

Jakob Ullmann: Horos Meteoros

Performed by
Christiane Mikoleit, soprano
Molly McDolan, oboe da caccia
Conrad Steinmann, flute
Kyklos Ensemble, string trio
Dimitris Desyllas, percussion
Phønix16, choir

A coproduction of documenta 14 and The Athens Concert Hall Organization


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